5-Day SMART Goal Setting Challenge


Published 2023



Published 2024


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Get ready to shake things up for your clients with our 5-Day SMART Goal Setting Challenge! This goal setting PLR product is a game-changer for mindset gurus who want to take their clients on a whirlwind journey of achievement. Imagine helping them smash their goals and reach new heights in just five action-packed days.

This PLR product is your secret weapon in teaching clients to master the SMART method of goal setting, all in a fun and engaging five-day sprint. It’s all about quick wins and giant leaps forward.

And guess what? You get complete creative control! Make it yours by editing, rebranding, and tweaking it to match your unique flair. It’s like having a custom-made challenge but without all the heavy lifting.

Think bigger – pair this challenge with other excellent products to create an irresistible bundle, or toss it in as a special bonus with your bigger packages. It’s also perfect as a lead magnet, attracting new clients eager to dive into goal setting.

Ready to roll? This challenge is primed for immediate download. No waiting around – grab it and start transforming how your clients set and crush their goals.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing this goal setting PLR challenge is cooked up by pros. We’re talking about a team that knows their stuff inside out. So, gear up to offer your clients something fresh, exciting, and ultra-effective. Let’s make goal-setting the coolest part of your business!

Watch as your clients meet and exceed their wildest aspirations, turning the seemingly impossible into their new reality. Let’s kickstart a goal-setting revolution together!


5-Day SMART Goal Setting Challenge PLR

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Kind: Challenge

Category: Goal Setting & Achievement

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Pages: 14

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