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You are responsible for verifying that the content reflects your professional insights and knowledge, especially when associating it with your personal or business brand. It’s important to review and adjust the material to align with the specific needs of your clientele and to incorporate the latest factual updates.

Be aware that these terms may be revised periodically. It falls under your purview to regularly check and adhere to the most current usage terms whenever you employ any of this licensed content.

The full licensing terms

  1. Content Usage in Advertising and Marketing: Members are permitted to utilize the content in their advertising and marketing efforts, including social media campaigns, paid advertisements, and printed marketing materials.

  2. Prohibited Uses: The content must not be used in any illegal, offensive, or unethical manner. This includes avoiding promotion of hate, discrimination, or harmful activities.

  3. Geographic or Industry-Specific Restrictions: Members should adhere to any geographic or industry-specific legal restrictions when using the content. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the content’s compliance with local laws and industry regulations.

  4. Modification Limits: Members are allowed to modify the content as needed. However, while transforming or rebranding the content, they should ensure not to misrepresent or alter the original intent of the content in a way that could be considered misleading or deceptive.

  5. Resale Price Guidelines: If reselling the content, members are encouraged to follow recommended pricing guidelines to maintain market value and stability.

  6. Use in Training and Educational Materials: The content is permissible for use in training materials and educational courses, both in digital formats and physical classroom settings.

  7. Digital Product Creation: Members are authorized to use the content for creating digital products like apps, games, or software.

  8. Attribution in Derivative Works: For derivative works based on the PLR content, appropriate attribution to the original content should be maintained, where applicable.

  9. Limitation on Mass Distribution: The content should not be used in widespread free giveaways that could potentially devalue the content.

  10. Intellectual Property Rights Notices: Any intellectual property rights notices, disclaimers, or copyright information in the original content must be preserved by the member.

  11. Revocation Clause: The rights granted to use the content may be revoked under conditions such as violation of these terms or involvement in legal disputes concerning the content.

  12. Liability and Indemnification: The PLR content provider is not liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of the content. Members agree to indemnify the provider against any legal actions related to their use of the content.

Last Updated: January 17, 2024