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– Jennifer Morgan, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

What is this? How it works?

Let Us Explain


#1 We create digital products for you

We do the research – brainstorming – creation – outsourcing – branding – investing – everything

We create ebooks, guides, challenges, and more, adding 5+ new items weekly. Our 13 years of experience ensure we only produce content that sells.


#2 Subscribe and receive a license

Get access to all products for as little as $27

Once you subscribe and become a member, you’ll immediately get an license with the right to claim that the products are yours and to make money from them.


#3 Create your digital empire

Create memberships – tiny offers – online courses – blogs – lead magnets – choice is yours

Create PLR Digital Empire

Once you get the license, you have the complete freedom to use products as you want. You can edit it, brand it, tweak it, change it or sell it / give it away as it is. Sky is the limit.

The content is really HIGH QUALITY, it is very nicely arranged and even beautiful colors have been added inside the product. There really is a big difference between this and other PLR sites. Just love it so much! 10/10

I am new into PLR and I think that this is PRETTY AMAZING. Just downloaded take back your time, and I am really satisfied with what I see inside. Customer service is very good! I have contacted them with a number…

First, I was skeptical because in the beginning there were a few products, but I said let’s try. I don’t regret it one bit. Indeed, the products are short, clear, straight to the point and VERY NICELY DESIGNED. I think that…

Membership limited to 1000 people

What have we created so far?

Some Of Products You'll Get

Dopamine Detox PLR Book

Dopamine Detox Blueprint

  REPORT     23 PAGES 

Best Productivity PLR Book

Take Back Your Time

  EBOOK     78 PAGES 

Sales Funnel Secrets PLR Book

Sales Funnel Secrets

  REPORT     28 PAGES 

7-Figure Blogging Secrets PLR

7-Figure Blogging Secrets

  EBOOK     60 PAGES 

Rewired for Success PLR Report

Rewired For Success

  REPORT     42 PAGES 

Positive Thinking PLR Book

Positive Thinking

  REPORT     47 PAGES 

Millionaire PLR Book

Productivity Secrets

  REPORT     24 PAGES 

Success PLR Ebook

Science Of Success

  EBOOK     67 PAGES 

Get Sales PLR Book

Get Sales Like Crazy

  EBOOK     62 PAGES 

Digital Detox PLR Report

Digital Detox

  REPORT     25 PAGES 

Just Fucking Start PLR Book

Just Fucking Start

  EBOOK     66 PAGES 

Online Business Success Challenge PLR

Success Challenge


Better Habits PLR Challenge

Better Habits Challenge


Dopamine Detox Challenge PLR

Dopamine Detox Challenge


Millionaire Productivity Secrets PLR

Millionaire Productivity Guide

  GUIDE     36 PAGES 

Start Before You're Ready Challenge PLR

Start Before You're Ready


And much much more…

Some smart ways

How You Can Use Our Products

Membership Sites

Build a membership site to generate recurring revenue

Online Courses

Combine our products and create a bigger course

Tiny Offers

Create small $27 offers with products combination


Easily create a successful blogging business in 2024

Lead Magnets

Grow your email list using our products

High Tickets

Develop your own luxury coaching program

Use As Bonuses

Add as a value to already existing products


Nurture and engage already existing customers 

Viral Content

Separate into content that people will simply love

Product Bundling

Bundle up products and sell them all together

Create Webinars

Connect with your audience and close more sales.

Live Events

Host your own workshops and masterminds

Your Own Store

Create your own store and sell products separately


You can also sell on Etsy and similar marketplaces

Digital Empire

Create your own digital empire. Be creative

Mix and Match

Combine sections from various PLR products


Convert our products into video scripts


Repurpose our content and designs as you wish

Get Inspired

Get Inspired

Use our products for inspiration

Take Our Design

Steal Our Designs

Take our covers and use for your products.


When You Join PLR That Sells Today!

Total Value: More Than $30,000!

Regular Price: $49/Month

Special Offer: $27/Month

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Membership is limited to 1000 people


They provide professional, modern, HIGH-QUALITY and up to date content for us to use in many different fields. No more writer block for me thanks to you. The content was carefully written and easy to read…

I just registered and I’ll just say WOW. I am delighted with the quality. I can’t wait to share these products with my people. If you could add any product for Instagram, I would appreciate it. YOU ROCK 🙂

I can really imagine better PLR website than this one. PLR That Sells just made my life much easier, and the wallet is much thicker. I saved a lot on building the product, and for now I already have A LOT OF SALES.

selecting our 1000 members carefully

Are We a Perfect Match?

This is for you if:

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Why are we different?

We Create What People Buy

#1 Designs That Sell

We’ve got real people with an eye for design making sure your products aren’t just good-looking; they’re irresistible and sales-driving.

#2 Interesting Content

Ever read something so dull you forgot why you started? Us too. That’s why we keep our content lively and engaging. No snooze-fests here. 

#3 Premium Packaging

Every product of ours comes with graphics that are just too good. Your stuff will look great, and you’ll shine in your clients’ eyes.

#4 No Fluff Products

Straight to the point, no messing around. Because who really has the time to slog through a 200-page monster?

#5 Strategically Made

Our content’s got brains behind it, not just a bunch of thrown-together words. We’re talking real, useful information that’s been thought through.

#6 Customer-Focused

Helping you help your customers is what we’re all about. We’re here to make sure you shine, because when you do well, we all do.

What exactly do you get

When You Join Us Today


#1 Access to all products

You’ll get instant access to over 60 premium PLR products in mindset and business niches, with fitness and spirituality coming soon. This means you can download and use any product anytime, no limits. We’re committed to giving you unique and high-quality content, ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal.


#2 Weekly fresh products

We add new PLR content nearly every day, so there’s always something new for you. Expect at least 5 new products each week to keep your offerings fresh and exciting. Plus, we’ll alert you whenever we drop new items, so you’re always in the know.


#3 Right to request & vote

Request a PLR Product

As a member, you gain a special privilege: the power to request specific courses and vote on the niches/categories you want us to focus on. We do this because your needs matter to us. It’s your chance to directly shape our offerings to better serve your interests.

Membership is limited to 1000 members.

60% OFF For The First 500 Members

Membership limited to 1000 people.

In the next 90 days…

Great Stuff Is Yet to Come

Coaching tools

Skyrocket your selling business

Cool tools are on the horizon to skyrocket your business. We’ll not only drop these gems soon but also show you how to use them to grow big!

Sales Pages • Mockups • Guides • Courses • PLR Academy • And much more

A lot of new products

Expect at least 5 products each week

From April 8th, we’re spicing up our collection by introducing a new PLR product every single day. It’s our way of making sure you always have something fresh and exciting to explore. Can’t wait for you to see what’s on our minds.

More product types

Products that your customers will adore

Brace yourself for more! We’re adding fresh product types to pump up your income and spice up your digital empire. Your customers will love what’s coming!

Audiobooks • Courses • Planners • Articles • Affirmations • Meditations • And much more

Some of products that are coming:

And a lot lot more…


When You Join PLR That Sells Today!

Total Value: More Than $30,000!

Regular Price: $49/Month

Special Offer: $27/Month

(For the first 500 members)

Membership is limited to 1000 people


Have some questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is membership limited to 1000 members only?

We limit membership to 1000 to keep the market fresh and not oversaturated. It’s all about maintaining value for our tight-knit community. We might expand to 1500 or 2000 in the future, but for now, we’re focused on growing together sustainably.

What do you mean by high-quality products?

High-quality means every product is developed with care, from superior branding to precise formatting. We invest heavily to ensure each item is not just created, but crafted with attention and love, mirroring the approach of bestsellers. Our focus is on excellence and value, not just making money.

How do you measure the value of your products?

The value of our products is reflected in the investment we make into each one. For instance, we spend over $100 just on the cover of a single book to ensure everything is not only professional but also looks the part. It’s crucial for us that each product meets high standards of quality and professionalism.

Will I have this discount forever or just for the first month?

Yes, once you’ve secured your membership with a discount, that discounted rate is yours to keep forever, as long as your subscription remains active. If you cancel and decide to rejoin later, the original terms of your discount may not apply.

How can I pay? Are payments secure?

Right now, we’re exclusively accepting payments through Stripe, ensuring every transaction is secure. Your peace of mind is our top priority, so there’s absolutely no need to worry about security. Rest assured, your payment information is in safe hands with us.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Absolutely, we stand behind our products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can get a full refund within those 30 days, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Do I get to keep the license if I cancel my membership?

Yes, once you’ve obtained a license, it’s yours to keep forever, provided you don’t request a refund. However, it’s important to remember that cancelling your membership means losing any special discount rates and potentially your spot in the membership, as we limit membership to 1,000 members. This also means losing access to future products and updates. So, consider the long-term benefits before deciding to cancel.

When do I get access to the PLR products?

You’ll get instant access to our PLR products as soon as your payment is processed. We’ll send the login details and a link to access our website directly to your email. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Will you create a product I've requested?

We fulfill 90% of product requests, especially if they fall within the niches we specialize in. So, if your request aligns with our current offerings, there’s a high likelihood we’ll create it.

How will I know when you add new products?

You have two easy ways to stay updated on our new products. First, you can regularly check our website or catalog to see what’s new. Second, we’ll send you an email notification every time we add new products, so you won’t miss a thing.

Offer is Risk-Free. Cancel Anytime.

Guarantee & Honesty

We’ve been working day and night for almost a year to get this ready for you. So far, we’ve put together over 60 products, and we’re not stopping there. Our goal is to keep adding top-notch stuff regularly. We’re even bringing more people on board to help make this happen faster.

Here’s our promise to you: you’re going to get access to some of the best PLR products out there – stuff you won’t find anywhere else. Every week, we’ll be dropping at least 7 new products that are sure to impress. We’re all in on this, putting our hearts and souls into every item, making sure they’re something special just for you. This isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill PLR content.

We’re on a mission to make something great here. Stick with us, and you’ll see the kind of difference real care and quality can make. And if you find our products don’t meet your expectations, we’ll gladly give you a refund.